Found | Xeros


The Power of Change

Xeros provide the innovative technology needed to create sustainable water appliances, saving millions of litres of water in the process and with the potential to prevent billions of microfibres from ending up in our oceans. We worked with Made Thought to tell the story of Xeros’ core technologies, Care and Filtration. Our two films open with the environmental problem before showcasing Xeros’ groundbreaking solutions in an understandable, engaging and beautiful way.

As Xeros explain, ‘sometimes the biggest problems are the ones we can’t see’. Our animations help tackle this challenge by visualising water-related environmental issues at a microscopic level. Using CG, we’re able to place the viewer right in the centre of Xeros’ sustainable washing machine technology.


The key components of Xeros’ Care technology are small beads called XOrbs. These offer unparalleled cleaning and fabric care benefits and save water by taking up space in the washing machine drum. Our film takes us deep into the wash cycle to show thousands of these orbs interacting with the clothing.


Xeros’ Filtration technology captures microplastics and microfibres as water drains out of a washing machine. We place the viewer in amongst the fibres and particles found in a standard wash cycle, following them through a vortex of flowing water and into the filter. Using macro lenses and extreme depth-of-field, we’re able to show both the extent of the problem and the solution up close.