Found | Everlane × Oceana

Everlane × Oceana

Turn the Tide

Everlane and Oceana partnered with us to deliver a unique Black Friday Fund campaign, highlighting the destructive qualities of single-use plastic. Entirely CG, we created a trio of 15 second videos that focus on the worst offenders: plastic bottles, coffee cups and cutlery.

An attention-grabbing alchemy of photoreal and surreal visuals, the films follow Everlane’s minimal aesthetic, designed in their muted colour palette, before transitioning to Oceana’s blue for the positive yet pressing final call to action.

It’s amazing to see how much love the team put into this, it truly shows. Beautiful work.”
Felix Roos
Director of Creative Design, Everlane

Bursting with energy and Everlane’s signature colours, we created a bank of style frames for this project to explore materials, finish and pacing. We experimented with a range of looks and feels, both abstract and photoreal.


This was our second collaboration with Everlane, and something we felt privileged to have been a part of. The immensely successful initiative raised over $300,000 for the Oceana fund.