Found | VIZIO


The Wonder of OLED

We conceived and created the launch film for VIZIO’s first OLED TV, a masterpiece of precision engineering. To bring it to life, we designed an ultra-modern home to present the product in, evoking a sense of artistry and craftsmanship.

To showcase the TV’s extraordinary picture quality, we also designed a series of abstract screen visuals to feature on the TV. These feature incredible detail and clarity, as well as spectacularly vivid colours and contrast.

Thoughtful approach, dedicated hard work and artful execution.”
Rich Scurry
ECD & Co-Founder, PARTNER

Freedom to explore was key to this project. Having immersed ourselves in the technology and craft of VIZIO’s OLED TV, we started the project with an intense R&D phase. Running with the brief of high contrast, high clarity abstract visuals, minimalist interiors and captivating scenes of pixel extrusion, we developed a bank of style frames, ready to hone.