Found | Vuori


Kore + BlissBlend

Working directly with LA-based activewear brand Vuori, we created a series of assets to launch their two new product ranges. Our work communicates the unique features of their men’s Kore products, with its built-in boxer brief liner and their latest women’s fabric technology, BlissBlend.

Telling the technical story behind Kore and Bliss products, we start by looking closer into the fabric. Introducing the abstract world of technical fabrics by showing the complexity of the fibres, our work then demonstrates the inner workings of the materials at a macro level.


Through camera work and weaving simulations, we established a construction story that amplifies Kore’s dual-layer and fabric attributes, putting the audience closer to the product. Clean, macro shots with dramatic lighting were crafted to lean into the technical narrative whilst harmonising with Vuori’s Californian house-style.


Vuori’s newest fabric range is engineered for super stretch with an airy, weightless feel. The challenge was visualising the fabric through macro and wide shots to convey key attributes and its unique design process. Dialling into the softness of the fabric was vital to showcase its multi-dimensional stretch, portraying that ‘barely-there’ blissful feeling.


During the R&D phase, we explored how we could match the motion of the live action by echoing the flow and momentum through abstracted CG fabric work.