Found | Aquis


Simply Better Hair

Aquis is a range of hair tools that quickly and gently dry hair, leaving it up to five times stronger than traditional drying methods. We worked with Made Thought to celebrate Aquis’ patented technologies, Aquitex and Copper Sure, and to visualise their three products, Wrap, Flip and Towel.

Presented in a bright, scientific laboratory environment, our films explain the unique characteristics of the two technologies – getting into the microscopic detail of the fabric to show how the science works. Our hero stills follow the same aesthetic, combining technical fabric representation with delicately lit, beautifully weightless forms.


Aquis’ patented Aquitex microfibre uses woven channels to wick water away from hair. We built a technically accurate thread and weave simulation of it to demonstrate its remarkable properties. Our film takes the viewer deep into the structure of the fabric itself, to show how its complex gridded construction disperses liquid in all directions.


Using a similar microfibre simulation technique, this film brings to life Aquis’ Copper Sure technology, which is woven into their products’ fabric. These antimicrobial and antibacterial copper threads work to repel bacteria, with our film demonstrating how it helps the fabric stay fresher for longer.


With the intricate fabric simulations in place, we also created a set of key visuals of Aquis’ product range. Each live in the same dreamy, lab-like environment, to show off the fabrics’ technical credentials.