Found | Toblerone


A Little More Edge

Our first film for Toblerone isn’t just an advert; it’s a sensorial experience created for their all new Truffle launch. Taking inspiration from their tagline ‘a triangle in a sea of spheres’, our film tells the story of this innovative new product, taking the viewer on a playful journey through flavour, shape and sensation.

This light-hearted extension of Toblerone’s new brand covers the new Truffle range, exploring their ingredients and mood at microscopic level.


Continuing with the playful mood of the vibrant colour scheme, we arranged the truffle’s different forms into origami-like formations before breaking them open to reveal the rich truffle ingredients inside.


With this being all about flavour, the chocolate in our film needed to be as visually pleasing as possible. We complemented it with gooey caramel and crisp nuts to convey a genuinely visceral sense of taste.


In our development phase, the challenge was to create the new product’s design story and motion behaviour. We explored a wide range of textures before landing on the winning combination of bold colour blocks and detailed ingredient macros, all cut together in a fast-paced, playful way.