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The Singleton


Working with Alter Projects, we created a digital art installation for The Singleton 40-Year-Old Whisky’s launch event in Shanghai. Our triptych piece is the first in a three-room experience, offering a glimpse inside the cask and into the hidden history behind each bottle. Time functions as the critical component in the whisky’s extremely long maturation process.

Our installation places the audience amongst the craft and science employed in whisky-making. It highlights individual moments in time to represent four decades of invisible molecular development. We explored delicate materiality and flowing forms to create a viewing experience as sensorial and evocative as the whiskey itself.


The triptych presents each process sequentially, punctuated with full take-over moments to immerse the audience entirely. We placed cameras inside our simulations to get closer to the action and employed optical and digital techniques to push the limits of magnification. Once inside, we discovered new extreme and unexpected viewpoints that uncovered layers of unseen beauty.


As a conceptual piece designed to visualise the intangible nature of flavour, this project relied on an exploratory R&D phase. We had to thoroughly research and understand every stage of the process and how each adds another layer of complexity to the flavour. This process led to many unexpected results and a richer palette of materials from which we crafted the final artwork.