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Stella Artois


Stella Artois’ new Unfiltered Lager honours the brewing methods of the past to create a more flavourful beer. We created a set of films that take the viewer on a sensorial journey of discovery, designed to tease the senses and bring to mind a world less filtered.

Our films centre around three key themes – the product, the ingredients, and their sensory effects. All three elements are brought together under a hazy aesthetic that nods towards the beer’s vibrant depth of flavour.


From the smooth and fresh malty notes to the Bavarian Mandarina Hop that gives Stella Artois Unfiltered its unique taste, we explored each element of the beer’s flavour using macro shots and abstracted textures.


Created with social and DOOH in mind, it was crucial the short pieces worked individually and as a set. We experimented with a wide range of aesthetics to depict Stella Unfiltered, from showcasing its ingredients and packaging to the abstract elements and flavours that bring to life the complexity of the beer.