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Pixel 6

Introducing the Pixel 6, Google’s latest and most customisable phone yet. Working closely with Roman Rütten at 1stAveMachine and Brut, we created the CG for the global launch campaign. 

With personalisation front and centre, the new Pixel 6 phones let users select from several unique colourways and create collages with their homepages, exploring a catalogue of responsive widgets and icons. To showcase the hero features and innovative hardware design, we created a series of evocative and premium product shots. Set in sharp, bright daylight, our scenes work alongside nature-inspired live action and playful 2D animation.


To reveal the new Pixel 6 we got in close to the detail, finding clean lines and pivot points on which to anchor our cameras. This created a dynamic language that placed key features such as the visor, telephoto lens and on-screen fingerprint scanner right in the middle of the frame. This technique was also employed to form links between the CG and live action, finding match-cut moments and shared momentum to ensure the films kept flowing across disciplines.


The Pixel’s hero lock-ups see our CG environment and phone, 2D collage elements and photography working in harmony. A series of these were created to be used as master end-frame assets across the global campaign – each using different colourways, collages and people to emphasise the customisation story.


Launched across the globe on October 19th, the campaign runs across out-of-home, in-store, print and online. Digital billboards integrate portrait photography with our product stills, focused on the central theme of customisation.



Beginning the project with a flurry of experimentation, our design team explored the idea of inviting luxury into the natural world. Polished metal trims meet toughened glass edges in a series of graphic compositions that sought to avoid the consumer tech cliché of being revealed from darkness. To keep the positive daylight feel, we experimented with unboxing, shadow play and immersion.