Found | Thatchers


Apple & Blackcurrant

Our launch campaign for Thatchers’ new Apple & Blackcurrant Cider is a sensory journey that celebrates the drink’s unique and exquisite flavour, immersing the viewer in a vibrant journey full of impact and discovery.

The campaign explores an intricate interplay of colour and symmetry, using different fruit sequences to capture moments of interaction and emotion. Through the kaleidoscope, viewers are transported into a world where flavour becomes art.


The bottle was recreated with meticulous attention to detail and intricate modelling. We paid particular attention to scale and finish to achieve a photorealistic product that has a contemporary feel.


The kaleidoscope functions as a dynamic sculptural piece that displays the complex flavors through a vivid tapestry of colours and textures. The ambient lighting guides the viewers through the intricate splits and seams resulting from the 3D symmetry.