Ballantine's, CGI


Too Good To Hide

Motion Design - Direction - VFX

We partnered with integrated creative agency, Cubo, to create a landmark campaign for global whisky brand, Ballantine’s. ‘Too Good To Hide’ tells the story of three signature Single Malts that normally lie hidden inside of the famous blend.

Exploring a fictitious ‘House of Ballantine’s’, we encounter locked doors, towering walls, safes and hidden corridors, as we make our way through the brand story to uncover three unique worlds. Driven by a sense of intrigue and revelation, discover the distinctive origin and flavour stories of each malt.

The entire campaign was created in 3D and we were responsible for generating all the imagery in-house. Starting with a 2 minute ‘hero’ film, we then created cut-downs and social assets, and worked closely with Cubo to generate high resolution statics for digital, print, OOH and POS.

“We 'found' a perfect partner. Found's technical abilities as craftsmen of CG, combined with their strength as storytellers added real depth to our concept.”
Jon Sant
Creative Director - Cubo

Key Visuals

Print, digital, OOH & POS

Designed in tandem with the hero film, we worked closely with Cubo’s in-house design team to conceive and create all the campaign’s key visuals.

Reworking the core story concepts from a new angle, at high resolution, we pushed the colour and lighting set ups to unlock a unique, crisp aesthetic for the stills campaign across digital, print, OOH and POS.

Behind Ballantine's

Design, development & VFX

‘Too Good To Hide’ was initially conceived as a live action film, but with the vast elements and ambitious concepts at play, we suggested a 3D approach.

Realising the campaign fully in CG was an enormous and exciting challenge – every detail had to be considered and designed from scratch. Working together with the agency and the client, we played the role of architects, artists, product designers and engineers.

An immense process of storyboarding, concepting, designing, modelling, texturing, simulating and animating, it pushed our filmmaking into a new and exciting territory – a place between live action, motion design and visual effects.

“A wonderful partnership. Fantastic, it really is something to celebrate.”
Racheal Vaughan Jones
Global Senior Brand Manager - Ballantine's








Design, direction and animation


Music and sound design


Colour grade

Time Based Arts


Lewis Crossfield

Grade producer

Sean Ewins