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The Beauty of Circularity

Tarkett is a world leader in innovative flooring and wall coverings committed to a sustainable, circular economy that closes the loop on waste and reduces the impact of climate change. Commissioned by FranklinTill as part of their wider role in developing Tarkett’s sustainability strategy and communication, we created a film and set of key visuals. These assets focus on their unique approach – where carpets are not only sold and installed, but also removed and recycled into new tiles when no longer needed.

Launched at Clerkenwell Design Week, this project takes the viewer through the production processes behind a Desso Retrace Carpet tile. Complimenting our 3D animation is sound design by Pentagram’s Yuri Suzuki, which uses recordings of the actual products and raw materials. Together they highlight the intelligent design and manufacturing processes at the heart of Tarkett’s business.



Born out of years of development, Tarkett’s circular production process starts with their highly durable, reusable materials. These materials became a key focus of our story and we began by photographing their raw detail and structure. These intricate elements were then remodelled and brought to life in CG.


Employing a circular motif throughout, the film’s focus gradually shifts from raw materials to the final product. We placed this circular process in a bespoke arena that functions both as a viewing platform and as a metaphor for Tarkett’s sustainable process.


We started by modelling the carpet’s materials in their raw and combined states using several techniques, including 3D scanning and photography. We then experimented with the behaviours and design of the arena itself, before focusing in on the individual junctions and processes behind Tarkett’s circular manufacturing process.