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Altogether Different

Working closely with Pentagram and 4creative, we designed the broadcast package for Channel 4’s new master brand. The bold and playful visual identity system brings all its channels, collections and content together under one roof for the first time. It marks the exciting next stage of the UK’s most innovative and diverse broadcaster.

Our work brings the new brand to life across linear TV, promos and on-demand service. This ever-evolving design system showcases the master brand framework in its most populated and varied form, guiding viewers through Channel 4’s ‘Altogether Different’ content universe.


To create a unique viewing experience, the Channel 4 logo moves through more than sixty gradients across the various platforms. The colour combinations maximise variation across each brand touchpoint to further enhance the ‘Altogether Different’ idea.


When the design system moves into the world of promos, it takes on another level of dimensionality. Twisting momentarily to reveal a more complex 3D structure, it reinforces how Channel 4’s ecosystem and content are ever-changing.




Our design system takes on a more varied form within the on-demand space than anywhere else. More varied use of colour, gradients and animation highlights the breadth of content available, providing a vibrant home for Channel 4’s on-demand programming.


To celebrate seasonal moments like Pride, we created bespoke rooms that contain visual nods to each event. These integrate with the overall design system and are fully customisable.


The masterbrand system informs the OSP design language and connects all Channel 4 outputs. Movement through the universe brings OSP, OOH, digital and social to life and gives a sense of scale to static formats.