Found | VIZIO


Picture Quality

Consumer electronics brand VIZIO is renowned for making high-end TVs. We were asked by their agency PARTNER to create a compelling retail film for the M-Series that would showcase that TV’s impressive picture quality attributes. Working with PARTNER, we crafted a visually striking 60-second film with dazzling CG sequences that metaphorically demonstrated key technical features of the M-Series like screen brightness and fast refresh rate.

Created as part of a long-term campaign, our film tells both a product and a feature story. We built the film in chapters, intended to capture and retain the viewer’s attention throughout. Each chapter tells the story of a key technological feature in the TV; precision, brightness, quantum colour, and refresh rates.


We open the film in a stylised laboratory space, grounding it in the detailed engineering behind every VIZIO TV. Full of moments that highlight the product’s craft, this chapter focuses on extracted colour-spectrum cubes that snap precisely into place – representing the TV’s optimised pixels and hinting at the vibrant colours to come.


Our film then moves into the natural world as we bring the dynamic range of the TV to life. We used lightning strikes to visualise its electrifying brightness, and sunlight to represent VIZIO’s adaptive bulb technology. Here the sun signifies growth in the harsh landscape, simulating how their ‘Full Array’ local dimming technology enhances the most active area of the screen.


VIZIO TVs produce an extraordinary spectrum of colour due to their quantum layer, and here we deconstruct the quantum layer itself. We dive into the fluorescent foil with spectacular levels of depth, detail and clarity, and then travel through the same colour spectrum into the natural world. Quantum colour is represented here with close-ups of rich orange and pink feathered flowers and landscapes bursting with vibrant greens and blues.


The M-Series’ fast refresh rate shows motion with extreme clarity. To demonstrate this we designed a corolla of petals which move with enchanting pace and energy, illustrating the capabilities of the TV.


The scope of this project lent itself to a heavy R&D phase, which began with us testing floral sequences. To achieve the right level of brightness and density of colour, we ‘cross-bred’ different kinds of flowers, plants and corals in CG. These new, semi-sentient plants are rooted in nature, but impossible in reality. Taking cues from the colours in the quantum layer, our duotone landscapes feature fifteen types of flowers that display the vibrancy of each individual colour.


We took an abstract approach to visualise VIZIO’s quantum-dot technology, first peeling the layer itself off the TV. As the film-like layer moves, it becomes an organic form, flooded with colour and texture. We experimented with various colour palettes to best represent the TV’s capabilities, starting with more subtle hues and ending in an almost fluorescent spectrum.


We tested a range of landscapes and formations at different scales. From desert dunes to sculptural rocks, this became a pivotal element that ties the film together. We then worked to create intrigue within the scene, maintaining both depth and detail for wide and macro shots.