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Stella McCartney


Stella McCartney recently launched a range of refillable vegan skincare products called STELLA. Working closely with Made Thought, we created a film that tells the story of the product’s bespoke sustainable packaging and explains how the innovative refill system works.

Complementing the brand’s product photography, our work shows the products in a soft-focus outdoor environment suggestive of the Scottish Highlands. Lit by a pale, diffused sky, the scene perfectly complements the pastel-green tones of the packaging.


Using natural active ingredients, the range consists of only three essential items, based on the philosophy of using ‘only what you need.’ We explored various ways of stripping back the composition and direction of the piece to best complement this ethos.


We began by creating an outdoor look and feel and focusing on the unique refillable pouch as our narrative hook. We developed numerous natural lighting setups, from bright, clear daylight to the warm glow of a golden-hour sun. In one of the hero shots, light dapples across the product’s lid, revealing the handmade feel of the debossed logo.