Found | Tarkett Ecobase

Tarkett Ecobase


As part of our ongoing collaboration with FranklinTill, we created a brand film and key visuals to launch Tarkett’s latest material innovation, Ecobase; another step in the brand’s continuous commitment to circularity.

We designed a tactile and fluid material sequence depicting the substitution of a petroleum-based resource with bio-based pine rosin. Inspired by its golden hues, we created a bright, uplifting aesthetic to mark the shift toward natural ingredients.

Tile Index

An index of Tarkett tiles visualised this never-ending journey, forming a live catalogue of past and prospective design iterations. This motif signposts a clear trajectory towards sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.


During an intensive phase of R&D, we explored the index’s structure and behaviour, ensuring a physically realistic portrayal of the tiles. We also refined a vibrant colour palette and distinctive lighting set-up, centring around the natural Pine Resin.