Found | London Craft Week

London Craft Week


In celebration of London Craft Week’s 10th anniversary, TM Studio commissioned Found to create this year’s visual campaign. Material, lighting, and form were combined in an innovative edition of 1,000 unique artworks comprising five material sets: glazed ceramic, embellished ceramic, enamelled metal, fine jewellery, and precious metalwork.

The accompanying exhibition and book broke down the campaign by focusing on the role of digital tools and techniques alongside the passion, skill, and expression they afford, offering a glimpse into a potential future of digital craft.


We began by exploring the moment of inception. Inspired by the festival’s position as a vessel for the world of craft, we explored how we could represent that idea in the digital space. We also asked ourselves if we could portray the campaign with more than one hero object and how that might work practically.


TM Studio and printers Team Impression utilised the latest HP Indigo digital press technologies and Fedrigoni digital paper to ensure each fair guide became a collector’s item. Every cover featured a unique object selected from our edition of 1,000 forms, all chosen at random by the HP software.


By experimenting with automation, we devised a system that facilitated iteration within parameters determined and controlled by our designers. The accompanying book, available to buy here, features these explorations and learnings.


We put on an exhibition during London Craft Week in Fedrigoni’s space to celebrate this wide-ranging collaboration. Our Creative Director Clayton also spoke at the V&A’s craft symposium on Crafting the Digital Object.


Focusing on a classical vase shape, we extracted and remixed cross-sections to create new forms with the essence of the original vessel. We tested our iteration technique by varying parameters and exploring materials, forms, lighting, and colour. Wider thresholds yielded diverse results, while tighter ones produced unique, cohesive sets.