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Ralph Lauren × Fortnite

P-Wing Boot

Created as part of Ralph Lauren’s ongoing collaboration with Fortnite, the Polo Ralph Lauren × Fortnite P-Wing Boots are a limited-edition collectable ‘phygital’ boot. We created the launch film as well as a digital version of the boot to live within the game.

Our film showcase tells an unboxing story, revealing the boot and its various technical details within a dimly lit industrial environment that nods to the game itself. In another first for us, this project was created entirely in Unreal Engine to enable a seamless transition of the assets into the Fortnite game environment.


The sport-inspired Polo Ralph Lauren × Fortnite P-Wing Boot was first introduced as part of the Digital Outfits launched in 2022, and merges the energy of Fortnite with Ralph Lauren’s iconic legacy. Its distinctive features, such as the lace keeper and the midsole fins, gave us a clear idea of what to focus on and helped shape the film’s narrative around celebrating its construction and fabrication process.




Our industrial environment takes our cues from the Race to Greatness by Polo Ralph Lauren Created in Fortnite game. This physical space gave us creative constraints regarding lighting and cinematography while offering us an epic arena to showcase the boot.




Creating an asset for in-game use presented several unique challenges we’ve not encountered before as a motion design studio. Working with optimisation and LODs (levels-of-detail), we created multiple assets of varying complexity, with the smallest version comfortably fitting within the file size limit.


Working within a game engine challenged our definition of pre-vis and provided us with an excellent opportunity to explore how we could evolve our workflow within a new environment. Aside from Unreal Engine and Cinema 4D, we also experimented with the real-time particle simulation tool EmberGen to create procedural dust effects.