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Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt is a new book, published by Rizzoli, that celebrates this icon of American style and culture. We worked closely with the Ralph Lauren team to establish a fittingly classic film that celebrates both the book, and its form and content.

We defined the art direction for the campaign by taking our cues from the shirt’s five hero colourways and focusing on the textures and modelling of the hero books. The environment, lighting and distinctive brand colours all work together to create a vibrant and unmistakably Ralph Lauren setting.


Utilising our ongoing studio research into book design and paper mechanics, we built a bespoke set of book models and behaviours for this project. These gave us maximum flexibility when composing the book range, key spreads and transitional sequences. Each shot we created was informed by the behaviour of paper. This offers the viewer a tangible experience as if they’re holding it in their hands.


Our film needed to match the vibrancy and mood of the design and content of the Polo Shirt book. The book’s covers use complimentary colour pairings, so our environment needed to be sympathetic to these and responsive to the photography seen on the pages. We also wanted to achieve a suggestion of architecture in the environment. Through lighting and shadow, we gave the scenes a grounding and an extra layer of detail to frame the books.

I learned so much from the Found team during our collaboration – a total pleasure beginning to end.”
David Oscroft
Vice President Brand Creative, Ralph Lauren