Found | Lululemon



We collaborated with Lululemon’s in-house creative team to bring their 2021 Holiday Gifting campaign to life across their digital channels and beyond. Their ‘Unwrap the Season’ films combine live-action footage with our unwrapping animation to showcase the brand’s gifting campaign.

The asset was created in three colourways for different territories, holidays and promotions. From digital channels to in-store, the pattern and movement are a unifying thread across the entire campaign.


The master pattern was used in its various colourways across all of Lululemon’s retail properties. Small crops of the pattern and diagonal cuts from the thread asset sit alongside product details and wider model shots to show off hero garments.


In an extension of the Holiday project, we were asked to create a set of striking typographic assets, using the master pattern across different holidays for Lululemon’s annual markdowns.


We took Lululemon’s graphic holiday pattern and pushed the form and lighting to bring depth and texture to the campaign imagery. Knowing that the asset would be used across print and digital, we experimented with a variety of orientations and behaviours to transition live-action and photographic content.