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Light Is More

Wallpaper* commissioned us to create an ‘art gallery’ at the centre of their new book for the minimalist window systems manufacturer Vitrocsa. In response to the brief ‘Light is More’, we created stills for a section of the book and an accompanying film, scored by Sam Swallow.

​​Opening in a blacked out setting, our film reveals the range by exploring what happens when light is introduced into a space. We use light as a catalyst for clarity and space, allowing the textures of the building’s surface to respond to moving, off-camera light sources with dramatic shapes and shadows. Expanding into a vast architectural structure, we examine the transformative qualities of sunlight in a monochromatic world.


An edited selection of ten images features in the book, including the front cover, an extended introductory gallery section and part of a comprehensive illustrated index.


With print being at the heart of this project, we were able to think of the image set as a visual essay with animated video frames as spreads. Multi-angle renders of the same moments allowed us to compose pages and layouts to lead the eye through complimentary image sequences.


From the beginning, we saw this project as an opportunity to explore the technical capabilities of Unreal Engine. Unreal lent itself to the concept of ‘light is more’, with its real-time rendering allowing us to experiment with multiple lighting setups quickly and incrementally. This meant we could rapidly visualise stills and animations in the same fast workflow.