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Ralph Lauren

Timeless Luxury

As part of our Holiday ’23 campaign, we created a world inspired by luxury New York penthouses to showcase Ralph Lauren’s luxe gifting products. Each product’s timeless elegance is captured in varying perspectives across a series of short films.

Bringing together the luxurious and classical aspects of the Ralph Lauren brand, we explored the intricate details of each product to celebrate the craftsmanship that goes into each of them. Through close-up shots and abstract angles, the photo-realistic products draw the viewer into the textural details and luxe finish.

Heroic Precedence

As the headline luxe product, the RL 888 bag required a bespoke art direction. We used strong, directional light to reveal the bag from darkness and combined this with a low-angle point of view to create an architectural sense of scale.


Each film celebrates the design, craft and materiality of the products. The contrast of macro and abstract shots brings rhythm and texture to the sequences. Referencing real-world products enabled us to understand materiality in depth.

Iconic Motifs

Ralph Lauren’s detailed craftsmanship is celebrated in these luxurious leather bags. Depicting the iconic motif on products like the Commuter Tote and RL 888 bag displays a refined sense of luxury and character.

Elevated Motion

Working with a range of sophisticated forms, our film uses a combination of unexpected angles and compositions to bring a unique feel to these sunglasses.

Intricate Detail

We intricately modelled each product using real-world references. Each bevel and cut was matched as closely as possible to reflect the essence of the Ralph Lauren world.