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Hair Innovation

Born in tech and science, L’Oréal Professionnel is a global leader in professional hair industry innovation. Over a year long partnership, we developed a unique brand world art direction that brings to life the advanced research and technologies that go into each of their products.

Working across several of L’Oréal’s haircare ranges, our work explores the visualisation of the science and ingredients that go into each product. Each product’s ‘hair tech’ features are brought to life in a series of otherworldly compositions and behaviours that are designed to work together as a cohesive set.


L’Oréal’s trio of innovative salon products combine to radically improve the quality of haircare. Metal Detox removes metals from hair fibres, enhancing strength and preserving vibrant colour. Steampod’s heat-activated molecules protect hair, ensuring long-lasting smoothness. And finally, Absolut Repair Molecular dives into hair’s essence, revitalising strength, texture and movement.


Contained within all the products lies scientific research and active technical ingredients. Bringing the liquids, serums and foams to life through CG allows us to look closer and explore hidden structures and behaviours. By using movement, materials and light we can allude to the technologies and product benefits locked inside every bottle.




How do you visualise science? To find the beauty behind each product’s unique technology, we magnified particles and explored the optical properties of the liquids, serums and oils. This allowed us to present a closer look into the products’ behaviours beyond what we can see with the naked eye.