Found | Aira


Clean Energy

Aira is an innovative new brand aiming to revolutionise the residential heating industry with its design-driven approach and commitment to efficiency. To support the launch of their new heat pump range we collaborated with Aira’s marketing team to create a brand film and imagery to showcase their unique products and the intelligent technology that drives them.

Maintaining the brand’s distinct Scandinavian aesthetic and brand principles, we created an aspirational home environment that would resonate with multiple European markets. Each product sits in carefully designed environments that show off its functional aspects whilst retaining a sense of desirability.


We created a deliberately detail-focused, dark-lit product reveal film for Aira’s global launch. Intentionally different from our other content, this piece focuses on key design details revealed by sweeping camera work and Aira’s signature warm lighting.


Aira’s unique UI is integrated throughout the film to educate and create a sense of curiosity. Each room transition enhances understanding to help the viewer learn more about the product’s functions.


In a nod to Aira’s Scandinavian heritage, our environments include subtly curved furniture elements and carefully curated colour palettes. The brand-gold light sweeps across each room to convey a sense of warmth, alluding to the experience you can expect from the product.


Alongside the hero film, we created an extensive product asset library that could easily swap out different views, backgrounds, and floorings. This modular approach allows Aira to tailor each asset to particular platforms, use cases and territories.