Found | Automata



Automata are a lab automation company focused on transforming the way labs work with open, integrated automation. Our film introduces their LINQ platform, a combination of hardware and software that enables scientists to automate workflows without compromising on lab space or instrument access.

The film takes the viewer through a mysterious opening sequence, before revealing the beautiful lines of the LINQ bench and its automated elements. The cell division animation style and transitions through multiple configurations celebrate the modularity, adaptability and scalability of the system, while the tinted tiles breathe life and identity into Automata’s new brand style.


We took inspiration from cell division to inform the film’s general motion behaviour and convey the product’s modularity. We also designed stylised passing transitions to demonstrate the vast configurations available to labs.


In developing the aesthetic for this project, we subtly evolved Automata’s colour palette and introduced surface imperfections for a more tangible feel. Brand colours have been used carefully and strategically throughout the film, from subtle lighting tints to abstracted third-party lab instruments. These instruments are key to helping the viewer understand the system and help demonstrate that LINQ can adapt to any lab set-up.


Striking the right balance between science and art was critical to this project. Bringing subtle touches of human presence helps prevent our crafted lab environments feeling sterile. The use of hand-held camera movements and true-to-life focal lengths puts the viewer behind the lens, bringing further warmth and personality.