One week on – Found’s MOVE

28 Feb 2019

Reflecting on the MOVE Summit, Edinburgh 2019

A week on from the event, we’re sharing thoughts on our time at the budding young Scottish festival.

Invited to speak alongside a number of industry greats, we had a brilliant few days. An event for young creatives and professionals alike, our Founder and Creative Director, Mike Sharpe shared his ideas on the evolution of motion craft.

Things are moving at such an incredible pace in our world, with the accessibility and possibilities within motion craft ever-growing. Exploring these evolving boundaries between motion design and vfx, Mike shared Found’s experience as a ‘mighty mouse’ studio - a ‘Shynola’ size team with world class talent.

The insight at the heart of it? The fuel behind our creative force – embracing R&D and experimentation as part of our studio model. Craft, vision and play were emphasised as the as the key to dream work across the summit, from commercials to cinema.

Beyond the stage, we chatted late into the night with Found friends - Bart Yates (Blink Ink), Smith & Foulkes (Nexus), Jorge Montiel & Josh Moore (The Mill) and Noah Klocek (Pixar). Brilliant conversation, even better company. Thanks MOVE, we'll be seeing you again.