'The Evolution of Mobile'

We were approached by Vodafone to create a playful piece of branded content that shows the evolution of mobile phone handsets. The initial brief was to incorporate animation into filmed footage. However, we had other ideas…

Projection mapping was a fairly new concept at the time and was only ever seen on a large scale on the side of buildings, it had never been done on such a micro-scale where the projections had to be millimetre perfect.

Shot in a single take, popular mobile handsets were spray-painted white and brought to life by projecting animations back onto the phones from three different angles. The 3D effect was further enhanced by a roving “sweet spot” that had to be replicated precisely by the camera movement for the illusion to work. This was something that we ended up resolving when we came to do a subsequent job for PlayStation where the projected graphics were updated in realtime as the camera moved.

Behind the Scenes

Agency: TBG
Senior Art Director: Jamie O’Brien
Art Director: Alex Hill

Production Co: Found
Directors: Barney Steel & Robin McNicholas
VFX Artists: Murat Pak (UNDREAM), Matthias Müller, Svenja Frahm, Robin Mcnicholas, Barney Steel & Rob Pybus
DOP & Steadycam: Thomas English
Studio & Technical Supervisor: Memo (MSA Visuals)
Projector Rig Creation: Phil Mayer (Gaianova)
Production Assistant: Dan McNicholas White
Photography: Sandra Ciampone