‘The Dog and the Elephant’
Short film

Based on an original stage play of the same name, ‘The Dog and The Elephant’ is the compelling story of the unlikely kinship between young boxer Bendigo Barlow and ‘Ina’, an elephant from a travelling menagerie.

Set in the violent world of Victorian boxing and the honour code of the Romany Gypsies, Bendigo’s struggle to live with Tourette’s syndrome is made all the more difficult by fear and ignorance as he is violently shunned by those who simply don’t understand. Bendigo’s fractured life leads him on a brutal journey of destruction, retribution and ultimately revenge.

The film is available to watch online (on request).

  • Film
  • Direction
  • Visual FX

"Powerful in challenging the expectations of visual filmmaking"

Leeds Short Film Competition Jury

"A riveting performance - ★★★★★"

David Reviews

A Found Studio Film

Directed by: Mike Sharpe
Starring: Jack Johns
Written by: Matt Grinter

Producer: Joe Binks
Production Manager: Felix Jude West
Director of Photography: Nick Bennett
Focus Puller: Gavin MacArthur
2nd Camera: Matt Cardiff
Gaffer: Pearce Crowley
Grip: Tony Shults
Runner: Andy Evans
DIT: Rich Hallsworth
Sound: Xan Márquez Caneda
Tattoo Artist: Martha Ellen Smith
Tattoo Transfers: Tinsley Studio
SFX Make Up: Robbie Drake
Photographer: Sandra Ciampone
Cameras: Brownian Motion
Lights: Pixipixel

Post Producer (Found Studio): Ian Walker
Edit Producer (CUT & RUN):
Maggie McDermott
Editor (CUT & RUN): Chris McKay
Character Animation (Found Studio): Ryan Locke
Grade Producer (MPC): Thomas Cole
Colourist (MPC):
George K
Music: Aleah-Basu Morrision and Matthew Wilcock
Sound Design: Zelig Sound
Graphic Designer: Naél Monfrey