Take That
'Let In The Sun'

We were honoured to work with one of Britain’s most iconic bands to create the video for ‘Let In The Sun’.

Focusing on the core theme of the track, and the immense power of the sun, we created a striking band performance that sees the guys in a 360º room illuminated by a thin strip of light. Throughout the course of the video the walls of the room slowly raise up to let in more and more light until they are bathed in brilliant beaming sunlight.

The shoot was put together in a record 48 hours and shot on a huge soundstage against a section of strip light. The set was then extended by our talented VFX team to create the light effect all around the guys. All the elements of the sun were shot on a second day using various different practical elements and some lovely macro lenses.

Watch the behind-the-scenes film here.

Client: Polydor
Commissioner: Semera Khan

Production Co: Found
Director: Mike Sharpe
Producer: Joe Binks
Director of Photography: Will Bex
1st AD: Stephen Fylan
Editor: Ruth Heggarty at Assembly Rooms
VFX: Found
Colourist: George K at MPC