'Great Films Fill Rooms'

Working with our partners at Studio Output we devised an innovative concept to promote Sony PlayStation’s new ‘Movies on Demand’ service.

We tried to imagine what the ultimate movie experience would be like, using ‘immersive imaging’ to create three high-impact promos inspired by well-known movies. The technique uses real-time 3D projection mapping, with a PlayStation Move controller strapped to the camera feeding back positional data, which in turn updates the projected graphics in real-time. This super high-tech approach combined with traditional low-fi practical effects gives the viewer a supercharged experience as the living room set is brought to life.

Each film was carefully choreographed and timed to the projected animation sequence so that we could capture everything in one take, with no cuts, no post-production and, importantly, all in real-time. The final films combined real-life props, pyrotechnics and ninja puppeteers, so we were able to blur the boundaries between the virtual and real.

Film 2
Film 3
Behind the Scenes

Agency: Studio Output
Creative Director: Ian Hambleton

Production Co: Found
Directors: MarshmallowLaserFeast
Post-production Producer: Ian Walker
Production Assistant: Nadine Allen
Production Secretary: Kavya Ramalu
Steadicam/AR: Thomas English
Focus Puller: Richard Bradbury
Camera Assistant: Celia Clare-Moodie
Assistant Director: Jonathan Stow
Art Department Director: Neil Lambeth
Art Department Assistant: Elise Colledge
Set Construction: Oli van der Vijver
Digital Imaging Technician: Philip Davies
3D Artists: Jools Peacock, Dirk Van Dijk, Raffael Ziegler, Alex Trattler
Programmer: Tobias Barendt

Actor: Gareth Cooper
Puppeteers: Kimberly Morrison, Rhimes Lecointe, Jen Bailey-Rae,  Tashan, Ralph Fuller, Frederick Fuller, Jane Laurie, Sandra Ciampone, Robert Pybus
Runners: Daniel McNicholas White, Maddie McNicholas, Nick White, Rosa Rooney
Photography: Sandra Ciampone