McLaren – ‘McClaren vs Aerodynamics’
Painting speed with light

McLaren set us quite a challenge: to showcase the P12 concept car without having access to the car itself. Our solution was to combine long exposure photography and stop-frame animation to create a totally unique dramatic visual effect.

Using wind tunnel airflow data supplied by McLaren we created an animation of light trails in VFX that formed the shape of the car. These were sliced into 650 frames to represent different 3D depths within the space. A plasma screen, mounted on a motion-control rig was then used as a 3D light printer. This played back the 650 slices as it moved through the space, all captured in a single long-exposure photograph to create the outline of the car.

We repeated the move a thousand times, moving the camera a few millimeters each time, which over the course of a four-day shoot created the effect of a moving camera around the car. The resulting film hints at the car by showing trails of light travelling over a seemingly invisible form.

  • Film
  • Design
  • Direction
  • Visual FX

“The technical effort and energy that has gone into creating this amazing film is a great fit with our brand”.

James Keady
Global Digital Marketing Manager, McClaren

Production company: Found
Directors: Marshmallow Laser Feast
Producer: Holly Restieaux
Executive producer: Peter Bowker
Technical direction: James Medcraft
Software Ddesign & development: Raffael Ziegler
Sound design: Tom Halstead
Visual effects: Moving Picture Company
VFX producer: Michael Stanish
Lead 3D: Duncan McWilliams
3D: Thomas Rowell
Motion control: Mark Roberts Motion Control
Gaffer: James Smith-Pryor
Rigger: Jon Last
Runners: Spike Laurie, Rudy Vermorel, Charlie Barclay, Runyararo Mapfumo
Behind the scenes: Sandra Ciampone, Steve Glashier