Sony Entertainment Network
'Listen. Watch. Play.'

Following the success of our previous viral for PlayStation Store, we were asked to create a short promo film for Sony Entertainment Network.

Unlike the previous piece, this content had to work much more like a traditional brand film, communicating the services, features and benefits of Sony Entertainment Network. The film portrays a monster pop-up event, held in a large warehouse space in London, with a labyrinth of different entertainment rooms showcasing music, movies and games. The rooms have everything from huge gaming simulators to a real-life version of LittleBigPlanet, a sound-reactive light installation, hundreds of networked Bravia TVs, an interactive projection room featuring all the latest music titles, an epic cinema room, murals, live art and graffiti.

The ambitious project required an extensive pre-production period, as well as two jam-packed shoot days across two locations. These involved a huge cast and crew of actors, performers, set designers, illustrators and graffiti artists. The soundtrack was provided by one of Sony’s up & coming bands, Swiss Lips, who performed at the event and provided a music video element to the film.

The post-production was completed almost entirely in-house, augmented by some nifty visual effects by our über-talented friends at Analog Studio. The final grade was handled by James Tillett over at MPC.

Behind the Scenes


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Client: Sony Entertainment Network
Agency: Studio Output
Creative Director: Ian Hambleton

Production Co: Found
Director: Mike Sharpe
Producer: Sean Stuart at NTSH
Director of Photography: Tony Miller
2nd Camera Unit: Steve Glashier & Sandra Ciampone
Post Production Producer: Ian Walker
Visual Effects: Analog Studio
Editor: Mike Prior
Colourist: James Tillett at MPC
Photography: Sandra Ciampone