Hiscox – ‘The House I Grew Up In’
Protecting memories, not just possessions

Specialist insurer Hiscox believes that ‘As your home becomes more important, so does your insurer’. They wanted to bring this idea to life in a human and emotive way, to help communicate its ‘people-first’ approach to business.

The solution was a primetime TV and cinema ad that was as heartwarming as it was visually striking, telling the story of how our homes change along with our lives. Using an innovative 3D projection mapping technique, all the visual effects were captured live and in-camera.

We follow a father as he reflects on how his home has changed over time, with projection mapping the perfect technique to bring his thoughts to life on the outside of his house.

  • Film
  • Animation
  • Direction
  • Projection mapping

“This commercial uses 3D projection mapping in a unique way.
A simple house now actually becomes the hero, changing, twisting
and turning to tell a meaningful story.”

Kieran Knight & Veryan Prigg
Creative Directors, VCCP

Commissioned by VCCP

Agency: VCCP
Producer: Andy Leahy
Creative director: Jim Thornton
Copywriter: Kieran Knight
Art director: Veryan Prigg

Production company: Found
 Mike Sharpe
Live action producer: Sean Stuart @ NTSH
DOP: Tony Miller
1st AD: James Dyer
Production designer: Anna Rhodes
Projection technology: Projection Artworks
Motion control: VFXCO

Animation: Found
Art director: Carlos Carrasco
Colourist: Thomas Urbye @ The Look