This is GREAT Britain
Paul Smith

Mother commissioned us to create a brand film featuring Sir Paul Smith as part of their ‘GREAT Britain’ campaign.

We directed a small intimate shoot with Sir Paul, as we wanted to get a nice relaxed performance. We deliberately constructed the conversation in a loose manner, to allow the discussion to wander freely around all sorts of topics – from art, education and sport, to music and fashion. We then edited the footage down to a snappy two and a half minute film. We then set about interpreting Sir Paul’s thoughts into animated sequences that appear around him as he speaks.

The film shown here is a director’s cut. The final film was finished in-house at Mother.

Agency: Mother
Creative Director: Caroline Pay
Producer: Guy Rolfe
Design Director: Erik Hedman

Production Co: Joyrider
Producer: Sarah Butterworth
Director: Marcus Moresby
Animators: Marcus Moresby, Fraser Davidson, Antonin Herveet