Future of Storytelling
Super Senses

We were approached by Melcher Media to contribute a film to their Future of Storytelling 2014 summit*.

We interviewed Italian physicist Benedetto Vigna about his impact in the field of micro motion senses. Bringing this dense scientific content to life via a fully illustrated and charming visual style, we created a short animation to give a snapshot of the longer talk that Vigna was to give at the biannual FoST summit in early October 2014 in NYC.

We also added subtle spot sound effects to add an extra flourish to specific moments throughout the piece.

*The summit is an invite-only event and is attended by many creatives from different industries. As an event, it aligns itself with TED yet specialises in discussing how storytelling plays an important part in bringing people together in today’s digital age and how different mediums explore it in many different ways.

Client: Melcher Media
Senior Digital Producer: Carolyn Merriman

Creative Director: Marcus Moresby
Art Director: Carlos Carrasco
Producer: Joe Binks
Animation: Found & Daniel Burke
Music & Sound Design: Altitude Music